while high imitation P.9000 movement is also the design concept is the most Popular "deck movement" such as 8500, PP34SC, the originator.Today, we introduce this one engraved P.9000 movement, is a new generation of P.9000 movement solution, which is different from the past A7750 + deck program, and cheap, seagull ST25 + deck program, which is a set The new high imitation table program, focusing on solving the P.9000 movement of the fast transfer & callback time of the functional problems, these are the programs can not have in the past. Well, here we come to know about this new high imitation P.9000 movement.

Brook Marine Equipment has been established to service the ever growing needs of the marine industry in the Gulf, across a wide range of equipments and solutions. Offering the entire suite of products and services across the entire value chain.

Brook's vision is to be a pioneer in the marine equipment industry and a leader in the segment in the GCC. Founded and manned by competent marine industry professionals with over two decades of aggregate experience, Brook, apart from selling marine industry equipment & parts from leading brands all over the world, currently offers the following services:

  • Design Consultancy
  • Electrical Installations
  • HVAC Installations